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Changing the landscape—through deliverables

The “Work” of the Working Groups is to create deliverables!

Yes, we have interesting conversations between intelligent people, and we learn from each other and invent new things together.

However, the goal remains to change the Digital Trust Landscape, and that requires deliverables that people can put into action.

The ToIP Foundation produces a wide range of tools and specifications, organized into five categories:

  • Specifications to be implemented in code
  • Glossaries to be incorporated in other documents
  • Recommendations to be followed in practice
  • Guides to be executed in operation
  • White Papers to assist in decision making.

Introductory and Foundational Documents

  • Trust Over IP Foundation White Paper V2.0 (PDF)
    ToIP – Approved  •  17 Nov 2021
    The history of trust, the new era that’s upon us, and an overview of the Trust Over IP stack that supports its implementation.
  • Design Principles for the ToIP Stack V1.0 (PDF)
    ToIP – Approved  •  17 Nov 2021
    This paper recommends the 17 core design principles for the design and development of the ToIP stack, including computer network design principles, “human network” trust principles, and general design principles.
  • Digital Trust Primer V2.1 (PDF)
    4 Apr 2020
    An introduction to Digital Trust and how to drive its global adoption.
  • Principles of SSI V1.0 (PDF)
    ToIP – Approved  •  21 May 2021
    Provides emerging ecosystems, organizations and individuals with a set of design principles that cover the core tenets of SSI.

Explorations and Recommendations

Templates, Specifications, and Companion Guides

Goverance Stack Working Group

Technical Stack Working Group

  • Trust Spanning Protocol Specification
    Implementers Draft  •  11 Apr 2024
    Trust Spanning Protocol, the first protocol designed explicitly to serve as a universal spanning layer for digital trust relationships between any two parties in the same way that the Internet Protocol (IP) serves as a spanning layer for data packets between any two local area networks.
  • Trust Registry Protocol Specification V2.0
    Implementers Draft  •  3 Apr 2024
    The Trust Registry Protocol creates a simple and consistent way to programmatically get answers from authoritative ecosystem sources.
  • Key Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI) specification
    Public Review  •  15 Mar 2024
    An identity system based secure overlay for the Internet that provides verifiable authorship (authenticity) of any message or data item via secure cryptographically verifiable attribution.
  • Authentic Chained Data Containers specification
    Public Review  •  15 Mar 2024
    A protocol that provides granular provenanced proof-of-authorship (authenticity) of contained data via a tree or chain of linked protocol elements. This provides a verifiable chain of proof-of-authorship of the contained data.
  • Composable Event Streaming Representation specification
    Public Review  •  15 Mar 2024
    KERI’s encoding protocol for cryptographic primitives. A universal encoding that uniquely provides dual text and binary domain representations via composable conversion.
  • DID:WEBS Method specification
    Public Review  •  15 Dec 2023
    did:webs is a DID method that combines the ease of discovery of did:web, while securing the identity using the power of KERI.
  • Technology Architecture specification V1.0
    First Public Review Draft  •  14 Nov 2022

Case Studies

  • Bhutan NDI, National Digital Identity (PDF)
    Working Group – Approved  •  21 May 2024
    Case Study study exploring Bhutan NDI, the Kingdom of Bhutan’s national digital identity system, via Trust Over IP’s Digital Trust Ecosystem Building Blocks framework.

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