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The digital economy is based on confidence—specifically, how confident people feel about conducting their work and lives online.

While our world is highly connected, our online confidence is low. Privacy has been eroded, and conversations can sometimes be eavesdropped. We do not easily trust the identities of others online, nor what they send us. Many are uncomfortable with their personal information being littered all around the Internet.

We need to address these issues and build online confidence, both for individuals and businesses, and without compromising on User Experience.

What exactly builds this confidence? Many factors, including:

  • Confidential connections and exchanges
  • Provable authenticity of the data we’re presented with and where it came from
  • Decentralizing data, so it remains in the control of its owners or holders
  • Knowing the parties we communicate with are who they say they are
  • For personal information, disclosing only what is needed in any given situation

These challenges demand a collective response, and that is where the Trust Over IP Foundation comes in.

Specifically, we:

  • Promote global standards for confidential, direct connections between parties
  • Leverage the opportunities for interoperable digital wallets and credentials
  • Protect citizen and business identities by anchoring them with verifiable digital signatures
  • Integrate the technical elements for digital trust with the human elements—the business rules and policies that govern collaboration in a successful digital trust ecosystem
  • Foster communication and knowledge sharing amongst Digital Trust experts.

We encourage you to read more about the many benefits of Trust Over IP.

The promise of Trust Over IP is beginning to be realized. Use what we’ve done so far, or better still, join us on this journey.