Good Health Pass Blueprint 1.0 Published

The Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass hosted 10 drafting groups answering key interoperability challenges that exist to create a working interoperable system. The effort involved over 200 people from over 125 organizations working intensively over 10 weeks in 10 drafting groups to answer key interoperability challenges.

The document does a fantastic job of articulating at a high level how this can work. It is now up to us to collaborate further to make the vision articulated real. We are working on this with the Covid Credentials Initiative, with Linux Foundation Public Health and a project they host the Global Covid Certificate Network.

Based on Feedback from our review period we are working on two addendums:

  1. How to adapt the blueprint to the needs of the Hospitality Industry beyond international travel
  2. How to support individuals traveling with children and other dependents so they can do so with Health Passes.

Work is ongoing in various forums to complete needed specifications called for by the blueprint:

  • Trust Registry Protocol + X.509 Subject Alternative Name URI Specification
  • The Health Credential Profile and Data Sets within CCI
  • The Paper Credentials Cookbook
  • Wallet Definition
  • A Global Directory of Trust Registries is being Developed by GCCN
  • Rules Engine Specifications and Prototype within CCI