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The Trust over IP Foundation is defining a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust that combines both cryptographic trust at the machine layer and human trust at the business, legal, and social layers.

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What Are the Market Problems the Trust over IP Stack Can Solve

Until now, our Internet identities have all been rooted on accounts. Account-based identity means there is always an intermediary in all our digital relationships. By moving to cryptographically-verifiable digital credentials, we can finally start proving our identity, attributes, or relationships without intermediaries.

People can begin using passwordless authentication and intelligent authorization for faster, easier, safer, more privacy-respecting digital experiences

Organizations can begin forming and maintaining lifetime private digital connections with customers, suppliers, partners, and regulators—with full audit trails for regulatory compliance

Physical and digital goods of all kinds can now have Verifiable Origins and prove every step of their journey through a supply or ownership chain

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May 10, 2021 in Blog, News

Trust over IP and Sovrin sign agreement to strengthen collaboration

The Sovrin Foundation (“Sovrin”) Board of Trustees and Trust over IP Foundation (“ToIP”) Steering Committee are pleased to announce that they have signed a Letter Agreement (dated March 18, 2021).…
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