The scope of the Concepts and Terminology Working Group is to develop shared concepts and terminology available to all stakeholders in the Trust over IP stack. This includes developing artifacts and tools for discovering, documenting, defining, and (deeply) understanding the concepts and terms used within ToIP. Key deliverables include one or more glossaries together with a corpus of data underlying them. This data will consist of formally modeled concepts, plus their relations and constraints, and will encompass perspectives from technical, governance, business, legal and other realms. Although this Working Group (WG) will maintain these glossaries and this corpus of data via repositories that all ToIP WGs and Task Forces (TFs) can contribute to and inherit from, this does not preclude WGs or TFs from maintaining their own specialized glossaries if they require. Such specialized glossaries, together with other generators of concepts and terminology elsewhere in the industry, are expected to feed back into the glossaries and corpus of data maintained by this WG in a cycle of continuous improvement.